What is Natch?

Natch is an app that wants to map every person’s shop around the world.

There is a whole world of people making and selling things from home chefs to rug makers and neighborhood barbers, and we want to help others more easily find and order from them.

On Natch, anybody can open a shop post it on the map for the world to see and order from.

Our mission.

Our Mission is to make shopping from one another as easy as possible.

The problem we want to solve.

We find that a lot of us prefer shopping directly from people, as opposed to big brand stores, but find it hard to do so, because people's shops are hard to find and inconvenient to consistently order due to them being spread across storefronts, websites, and social media.

Our Solution

A map where its free and easy for anybody to open and share their shop with the world. This way we can find and order from many people across the world all in one place.

How does it work?

To Shop on Natch:

To use Natch, download the app and sign up. Once in the marketplace you will see a list of all the shops selling to you. You can filter these lists by categories and search terms, and you can view these shops in our map view as well. You can add all of the items you like from multiple shops into you cart and checkout from all of them at once.

To Sell on Natch:

To open a shop on Natch, go to your profile page, and add a shop name, photo, and your shop's info. After this, you just need to enter your business details in the Setup Shop page, and you can start adding items immediately in the items tab of your shop. Once added, your shop and items can show on the map right away. You will receive a notification each time someone orders from you or messages you, and you will get paid, after each item is fulfilled.

Where is Natch available?

People can start shopping on the Natch Marketplace from anywhere worldwide. Currently to open a Shop you must be located in the US, but in the next few weeks, Natch will be available to sellers from over 40 countries.

What devices can I use Natch on?

Currently as we are in Beta, Natch is only available on the Apple App store. However we are hoping to soon release a Web and Android version of Natch. Thank you for your patience.


How does delivery work?

When you start shopping, you must confirm your delivery address. This is important because the sellers that you see are dependant on where you are located. It is important to confirm this in the beginning, because when you change your address, you will have to empty your cart. Once you have set your address, you will see items and shops in the marketplace and on the map that are available to you for delivery or pickup.

When you select certain items, you will have the option to have them delivered or to pick them up. If you choose delivery, once you add the products to your cart, and checkout, you will have an option to leave a delivery note for the sellers delivering to your location. Make sure to pick a safe, secure, and ideally shaded location (help preserve food insulation) where your packages can be delivered to. Once delivered, sellers will take a picture of the package drop-off to confirm that the package has been successfully delivered.

What is Natch Gold?

Natch Gold is our membership option. It costs $9.99 a month. With it you get unlimited free deliveries to your door. The subscription can be signed up for in our menu, as well as cancelled in our menu. When you cancel, services will still be available until the end of that current billing period.

How does pickup work?

Pickup is a simple alternative to having products delivered to your door. Before you add an item to your cart, if the seller offers pickup, you may choose that as your delivery method. The seller will provide their address, shop hours, and pickup window for you to come and pick your item(s) up.

What if I have an issue on Natch?

We want to create the best shopping experience for you possible. If you face a bug or an issue with the app, or think something could be better, or just want to share ideas with us on how to improve Natch, feel free to send us a report through the reporting page in the menu. We will respond as soon as possible and aim to resolve your issue immediately. 

If you have an issue with a Shop, or wish to ask them questions, you can message them through the message button on the Shop’s page. If you have an issue with your order, let the Shop know so that they can properly resolve it. Since Natch is just a facilitator between Shops and Customers, we cannot control or guarantee the success of fulfillment for items we don’t deliver or for the conduct of sellers. It is the seller’s responsibility to ensure proper fulfillment of your products, services, or experiences. You as a customer have a legal right to the proper fulfillment of your orders, and in the case that, proper fulfillment does not take place, we have the ability to demand that sellers refund you for the order. Although sales are between the sellers and shoppers of the marketplace, and not Natch, we will do everything in our power to make sure you are happy, and to fix any situation or issue you may have. So if you are unable to resolve your issue after talking with the shop, or if you have other questions, you can also contact us through the report page. 

Lastly, in order to make our community as good as we can, we have created a community based review system where users can help highlight the best shops on the Natch Marketplace. Like, rate, or review Shops and their products to help share with others about your experiences.

How do returns work?

Return policies for items purchased are not determined by Natch, but by each respective seller you purchase from. If you wish to place a return this must be done through the seller. If the seller does not offer returns, Natch has a no refund policy, except in the case of improper fulfillment of an order. This includes a package not arriving, a service or experience not being completed or fulfilled, an order not being delivered or performed as advertised, as well as if any damage occurred to an order, or if any harm was derived from the order. Natch will judge these scenarios on a case by case basis, and in the event that a shopper is deemed to deserve a refund from a seller, Natch will mandate that the seller refund you your payment.

What are my responsibilities as a Natch user?

As a Natch user, you must follow all of the rules in our Terms of Services agreement. You must be respectful and lawful in all your conduct on the Natch Platform and off the Natch Platform. You must not harass, harm, defame, disparage, slander, or discriminate against users you interact with on Natch, through messages, ratings, reviews, listings, or any relationship with other users that may occur off the Natch Platform. You must be honest and accurate in all the information you provide and not defraud, deceive, mislead, or steal from other users or Natch. You must agree to pay for everything you order, to not violate any intellectual property belonging to Natch and its content or the content of its users. You also agree to not engage in any illicit or prohibited activities on the Natch platform.


What can you sell on Natch?

Natch is an open marketplace where you can sell nearly anything that you can make or do. We have three main categories: products, services, and experiences. Examples of products include homemade hummus, clothing, soaps, pre-cooked meals, cookies, local eggs, paintings, and craft jewelry. Examples of services include cooking, massaging, tutoring, and car detailing. Examples of experiences include hosting dinners, walking tours, yoga classes, and local shows. Be creative and figure out what unique products, services, or experiences you can craft that others will enjoy. Whatever your craft is, we want to help you bring it to the world.

What can't you sell on Natch?

Sellers on Natch are prohibited from selling anything illegal. Sellers also must have the proper permitting and licensing to sell whatever it is they wish to sell, which is dependant on their local legal jurisdiction. It is the seller’s responsibility to figure out the proper permits, licenses, and laws in regards to selling anything on Natch, both in their local jurisdiction as well as the jurisdiction of the destination that they are selling to. This includes complying with international trade, customs, and sanction laws, as well as not violating any copyright or intellectual property laws. Read our Terms of Services for a more in depth look into your responsibility as a seller.

Currently sellers are also prohibited from selling drugs, alcohol, tobacco, smoking substances, e-cigarettes, e-liquid, pharmaceuticals, human remains, prostitution, pornography or any sexual content, as well as weapons, weapon accessories, and explosives. This list may change at any time, and may be missing items which are prohibited. 

Is Natch only for local selling?

No. Sellers determine their seller boundaries (where they want to sell), and are allowed to sell wherever they are able to deliver.

How to start a Natch shop and start selling?

Starting a shop on the Natch Marketplace is quite simple, and you can start selling products fairly quickly. First, you need to figure out what you want to sell. Whether it be selling homemade food, giving walking tours to tourists, or offering tutoring services, you will need to take a few steps to get yourself and your shop established. Look into how much documentation and permitting your shop needs to sell whatever it is that you want to sell. For instance, if you are starting a business, this may include getting yourself incorporated, getting a business license, a sales license, etc. Specific types of products, services, or experiences may require additional permitting, such as food handling licenses, cottage food operations permits, etc. Next you need to figure out if what you are selling requires charging tax, and looking at the different tax rates for cities which you are planning to sell in. You should also look at insurance policies to properly protect your business. These details will vary by location and vary by what you wish to sell. Some items are a little more complicated to start selling than others, so it is important and necessary to do your research and get properly, verified, established, and documented so you can smoothly and legally start selling on the Natch Platform.

Once you have established your business, and created and verified your shop on Natch, you can start adding products, services, or experiences. When you add these items, you then add things like pictures, descriptions, prices, and ingredients for the items. Once you have created these items, you can add inventory to them in the manage products section of your shop. For products, this will be adding a specific quantity. This quantity must represent how many of a product you have available to be delivered the next day. As a seller you must guarantee that everything that is ordered from your shop will be delivered on time, and that you will not sell more than you can deliver on time. If you are selling services or experiences, you will not be adding quantity, but rather adding time slots that indicate the time which you will be available to perform those services or experiences, as well as the location that you wish to perform them. These times slots can be customized to any day of the week and to any time window that suits you. You can also choose the location and whether or not you prefer to perform your service at your shop’s address or the customer’s address.

Once you have started adding items to your shop, you wait and check for sales notifications, and get ready to fulfill them at the designated time. When it comes time for fulfillment, your last step is to take some sort of picture to confirm and verify that you did indeed fulfill the item ordered (if it is a product, a picture of the product at the door of the customer, or a tracking number; if it is a service or experience, a picture of the customer’s identification or signature). Once you have fulfilled the item ordered, you then change the status of the item from unfulfilled to fulfilled, and your sales earnings will automatically go to your Stripe Account.

What are seller fees?

Selling on Natch is completely free. We charge no listing fees, transaction fees, or subcsription fees. Stripe, our payment processor, charges the standard 2.9% + $0.30 payment processing fee per credit or debit card transaction. However, Natch charges no additional fee. A user is able to see all their sales in the “Orders” tab of their shop on the app. There you will see a breakdown of the sales and transaction fees.

How do payments work for sellers?

When a seller sets up their shop, they connect their account to a Stripe Account (our payment processor) in our app. On Stripe, you will connect your bank account that you wish to send your earnings to. When a shop receives an order for a product or service or experience, they must fulfill that order. Once they have fulfilled that order, they must change that orders status in their order's tab in their shop from unfulfilled to fulfilled. To do so, a shop must also submit proof of fulfillment (delivery photo, signature, tracking number, etc). Once an item is fulfilled, the payment for that order will be sent to a user's Stripe Account, which can be accessed in the Setup Shop Page (found at the bottom of the About Tab in your Shop's Edit Profile Page) or via Stripe.com. You can transfer money from your orders to your bank account from your Stripe Account at anytime, and you can setup instant transfers.

How does taxation work?

Users are responsible for all taxes and fees associated with the items they sell. You must collect, report, and/or pay the correct amounts to the appropriate tax authorities, based on what you are selling, and where you are selling it to/from. Due to how much taxes vary across the different things users can sell on the Natch Marketplace, and the many different origin points and destinations, Natch does not yet have a tax calculation system for Shops. So the tax that is owed for an item sold must be taken out of the price of the item. So for example, if an item sells for $10, and the user you sold it to lives in area that charges 10% for that type of item, then the tax would be $1. You must then take that $1 from the $10 you received for the sale, and pay it to the appropriate tax authority. We recommend that you include or factor the tax, into the price charged to the customer. We will be releasing an automated tax calculator in the next couple months.

Do I need insurance?

We highly recommend that all sellers get an insurance policy to cover their business. This may include general liability insurance, product liability insurance, commercial liability or home based insurance. Natch bears no responsibility for any damage, harm, or issues related to the selling of items or conduct of sellers on the Natch Platform. So it is very important that all sellers protect themselves against potential liability with an appropriate insurance policy. Insurance policies are legally required for some types of business. Make to sure to do your research, comply with all regulations, and properly protect yourself and your business.

What are my responsibilities as a seller?

For a more detailed look a the rules regarding being a seller on the Natch Marketplace, please read our Terms of Services. As a seller you are responsible for following all laws, permitting, and regulations. You a responsible for properly legalizing your business as well as insuring it. You are responsible for collecting and paying the proper sales tax. You are responsible for not selling prohibited items as well as not violating any laws, intellectual property, copyright, FTC or consumer protection regulations. You are responsible for providing accurate information, and not misleading customers, Natch, or the government. You are responsible for all your behavior on and outside the Natch Platform, and your relationship with any customers you interact with through the Natch Platform. You are responsible for not discriminating against anyone, as well as not causing and harm, damages, or issues for user on or outside of the Natch Platform. You are responsible for following all delivery rules, and regulations, properly packaging and labeling anything sold, properly delivering all items sold, and properly ensuring that all orders are delivered on time and in the correct manner. You are responsible for making sure you are not committing fraud by charging your customers money without properly and punctually fulfilling any order. You are responsible for changing the fulfillment status on orders, and charging your customers. You are also responsible for properly fulfilling all service and experience orders on time, at the correct location, and in the agreed upon manner. 

Natch has the ability to remove any sellers that do not abide by their responsibilities on the Natch Platform, that do not deliver and fulfill orders on time and correctly, that do not treat customers properly, that cause any damage, harm, or issues, and that put customers in danger or in unsafe conditions. Natch will also remove sellers that commit any fraud, break the law, mislead customers, sell prohibited items, and deliver or fulfill orders that are not up to the proper agreed upon and marketed standard. Natch can also refund customers at any time for orders that were not fulfilled in the expected and agreed upon manner between the seller and the customer. Your use of the Natch Marketplace is dependent on your lawful and proper behavior on the Natch Platform.

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